Nicaea Academy of Southwest FL
    • Located in Naples, Florida
    • 17 High school students
    • Accredited through Accrediting Commission International
    • Numerous Advanced Placement courses offered
    • 80% of graduating students accepted to college
    • 1:12 Teacher to student ratio
    • Grades 9-12 offered
    • Homestays available
    • ESL classes offered
    • Excellent experience with non-English speakers
    • Racially and ethnically diverse campus
    • Training in leadership and conflict resolution
    • Nearby many major world-class attractions
    • Excellent Florida climate

SILVER ($14,000-26,000)

This Academy offers a unique and rewarding academic and spiritual experience for international students.  The student body is racially, culturally and economically diverse, providing a realistic, edifying introduction to America.  Staff is not only highly trained, but bring to the classroom a wealth of public and private-sector experience.  Their knowledge of how to navigate and succeed in the “real world” is instrumental in developing and delivering an accredited, Christ-centered curriculum that not only prepares students for success in post-secondary education and careers, but empowers them to: work effectively in team settings, resolve conflicts and solve problems, assume leadership roles in the home, office, and neighborhood, live wholesome, values-driven lives, become positive role models and Spread the Gospel and be appropriate vessels for His love.

At this Academy, learning is enhanced in a loving, nurturing environment with the needs of the individual student in mind. Supported by a highly-trained staff of Christian educators, conventional studies combined with non-denominational Biblical principles are designed to equip students both educationally and spiritually for the challenges of the future.

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