Upper Room Christian School
  • Located in Dix Hills (NYC), New York
  • 100 High school students
  • Accredited through New York State Board of Regents
  • Advanced Placement courses available
  • 90+% graduating students accepted to college
  • Grades 9-12 offered
  • Homestays available
  • Fall or Spring admission
  • SLEP minimum score: 55
  • College courses through St. Johns University
  • Excellent college placement of international students
  • New York city excursions part of the curriculum

SILVER ($14,000-25,000)

Our Christian School is committed to provide a spirit-controlled, disciplined academic environment, conducive to learning, in a Christ-centered atmosphere that is educating students in grades K-12, according to the Word of God and the learning standards that have been defined and set forth by the State of New York.  Upper Room Christian School has been established as a Christian alternative to secular, humanistic public education, in which our students can “grow up in Christ, in spirit, soul and body”. We purpose to give our students an education that is superior, to secular, public education.

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