Arrowhead Christian Academy

Arrowhead Christian Academy
    • Redlands, CA
    • 327 High School students
    • Accredited WASC
    • Average SAT score 1094
    • Average ACT score 25
    • Teacher to student ratio 1:19
    • Percentage of those who attend college 98%
    • AP courses Yes + Honors
    • Grades offered 9-12
    • Homestays
    • Admission intake Fall or Spring
    • ESL classes offered
    • SLEP 60 or TOEFL 450
    • *Excellent college placement history
    • *Exceptional SAT achievers
    • Small class size
    • West Coast school
    • Very safe location

GOLD ($26,000-30,000)

Arrowhead Christian Academy Upper School is the Inland Empire’s only comprehensive private school. Our academic program is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of students, from those desiring to attend our nation’s leading colleges and universities to those who will move directly into the workforce.

Our upper school is college preparatory, including more than a dozen honors and AP courses. Classes are taught by faculty who are experts in their fields, with more than 40 percent having earned a master’s degree in their field of instruction. Students in this program graduate with the A-G requirements fulfilled and are ready for college entrance to competitive schools. Fifty percent more students at ACA are deemed college-ready based on ACT test results as compared to the state average.

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