Chinese Christian High School

Chinese christian high school
  • Located in Aladema, California
  • 215 High school students
  • 70 International students
  • 11 countries represented
  • Accredited by WASC and ACSI
  • Advanced Placement classes offered
  • Average SAT score 1258
  • Average ACT score 23
  • 100% of graduating seniors attend college
  • 7:1 Student to teacher ratio
  • Dormitories available
  • Homestays available
  • Faith based
  • Fall or Spring enrollment
  • In 2003, this school received the US Dept. of Education’s National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award, the highest education award in the nation.
  • This school ranks in the top 100 nationally and top 10 within California
  • Full academic and personal support system for international students, including ESl and sheltered academic classes, dedicated college and academic advisors, and personal counselors

PLATINUM ($31,000 and above)

Chinese Christian High School is like no other school in the world, and we have the international reputation and experience to prove it.  Our comprehensive and challenging academics rank among the very best in the nation and our Chinese American culture prepares students to become tomorrow’s global leaders.  Our Christian philosophy provides the moral and spiritual compass for purposeful and peaceful living despite these troubling times. Our high school is over 90% Chinese by ethnicity. All of our international students are currently Chinese, but not all are from the People’s Republic of China. Taiwan is the second country represented.

Students with very low English proficiency may qualify for The Academy Program, a bilingual instructional program that places a heavy emphasis on rapidly gaining English proficiency while continuing to learn academic subjects and earn credits. The Academy Program allows students to come learn English while continuing to earn credits towards high school graduation. ESL and sheltered academic classes are included as part of each international students academic achievement. If an international student’s English proficiency is so low that they cannot be instructed in English, they may still qualify for The Academy Program.

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