• Located in Franklin, Tennessee
  • 65 High School students
  • Accredited by SACS
  • 95% of graduating students accepted to college
  • Homestays available
  • Fall or Spring admission
  • ESL classes offered
  • TOEFL minimum 400
  • Excellent family atmosphere
  • Strong college prep curriculum

SILVER ($14,000-26,000)

At this school, every student is encouraged to become a disciplined, creative, well-motivated learner.  Class size is kept small, the teaching schedule is flexible, and student grouping arrangements are varied to promote learning. This school makes available to all students rich resources for learning, from chemicals to computers, from books to buildings, from teachers to tutors.  Community resources are also tapped to enhance learning opportunities.  In this technological age these resources must include tools that connect each classroom (indeed each student) to the vast networks of knowledge outside the classroom. This school is committed to serving the whole child, acknowledging that a student’s physical, social, and emotional well-being also relates to learning.  Beyond a solid academic program, the school provides basic health and counseling services for students, referrals for families, career planning, and preparatory college testing to prepare students for the next step in their personal journeys.

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