Jackson Christian School

Jackson Christian School
    • Located in Jackson, Michigan
    • 135 High School students
    • Accredited through ACSI/NCA
    • Average ACT score: 22
    • SLEP score: 43
    • 1:11 Teacher to student ratio
    • 90% of graduates enter college
    • Grades 9-12 offered
    • Strong ESL program available
    • Spring or Fall acceptance
    • Homestays available
    • Experienced host families
    • Near Detroit, Michigan
    • Small school with excellent academics and friendly students
    • Opportunity for dual enrollment

GOLD ($26,00-30,000)

At JCHS, our most important responsibility, our mission in fact, is to produce students who look at life with a Christian worldview and who are willing and ready to change their culture for Christ. Our school is a unique campus for all the right reasons. It’s a common practice, when taking a prospective family on a tour, to ask students (with no warning) to share what they believe are the very best and worst things about Jackson Christian High School (JCHS). The response our students give is almost always the same.

Our students love the “family” atmosphere that permeates our school. They appreciate teachers who care about every area of their lives. Faculty members, who push them to do their personal best, challenge them academically. They are encouraged to seek God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love their neighbor – fellow students and community- as themselves. Just like a family, they are encouraged to be forgiving and to recognize and respect the strengths of their classmates.

We maintain a rigorous curriculum with high expectations. By remaining focused on the foundational tenants of education, our students are well prepared for the academic demands of college. Over 90% of our graduates go on to pursue college degrees. We choose to not follow every educational trend or fad that comes along, lest we lose our academic focus. We commonly graduate students who are “wordsmiths”, meaning they are known for superb written and verbal communication skills. No matter what profession our students pursue, superior communication skills serve them well and often put them a step ahead.

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