Barrington Christian Academy 2
    • Located in Barrington, Rhode Island
    • Grades: 9-12
    • 42 High school students
    • Average class size: 14
    • Student to teacher ratio: 8:1
    • Faculty who are pursuing or hold advanced degrees: 20
    • Accredited through NEASC and ACSI
    • Cities and towns represented: 30
    • Male Students: 45%
    • Female Students 55%
    • Average SAT:1069
    • Students receiving Financial Aid in 2012-13: 50%
    • Amount of Financial Aid distributed in 2012-13: $440,000
    • 100% of graduating students accepted to college
    • Homestays available
    • Fall or Spring admission
    • SLEP minimum: 42
    • ESL classes offered

SILVER ($14,000-26,000)

This  Academy is a regional K-12 Christian college-preparatory school that provides 21st century instruction that nurtures, equips, and encourages students in the development of their God-given potential, partnering with parents to prepare and inspire their children to follow God’s calling for their lives.

This school is an accredited, non-denominational, K-12 regional Christian day school. It serves 220 students from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity with 75 being high school students, 55 middle school students, and 90 lower school students. Fifteen of the high school students are here as part of the international student program, coming from Vietnam, China and South Korea. We are, located in the town of Barrington, serves students from more than 20 Rhode Island and neighboring Massachusetts communities.

All students have use of a laptop daily in their classrooms, library and computer lab. Students are guided in the effective and ethical use of the many technological resources available to them. High school students are required to complete 26 credits during their four years of high school, including the 24 credits required under the Rhode Island High School Diploma requirements.

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