Nagoya Japan
  • Kearny, New Jersey
  • Accredited by ACSI
  • Number of High school students: 75
  • AP classes online
  • Grades 9-12
  • Home stays: yes
  • Dorms: yes (for males)
  • Minimum SLEP Scores: none
  • Students test 3 years ahead of national average
  • Experienced with international students
  • Personal attention/small class size
  • Very close to NYC
  • Exceptional value East Coast school




Realizing that there are different gifts in each student, This Academy offers multiple academic tracks in our high school program. Our college prep track challenges students academically as they prepare for college. We also understand that many students come to us from different educational backgrounds as well as different language backgrounds. For these students we offer remedial courses to help bring them back on track. In addition, we offer practical training with the use of technology and vocational training. Our SAT scores are consistently higher than the national average. Our graduates have been accepted at many of the nations leading universities.

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