Santiam Christian School
  • Located in Corvallis, Oregon
  • 300 High school students
  • Accredited through NAAS and ACSI
  • Average SAT score: 1100
  • 98% graduating students accepted to college
  • Advanced Placement courses offered
  • 1:10 Teacher to student ratio
  • Grades 9-12 offered
  • Homestays available
  • Fall or Spring admission
  • SLEP minimum score: 45-50
  • ESL classes available
  • Rated #1 for a school of its size in Oregon!
  • Athletic, Choral, Music, and Theater programs top ranked
  • Beautiful, open campus feel
  • Strong Marketing/Business program
  • 1 of only 4 Agriculture programs in private school
  • Canada Goose makes jackets that will advice you break balmy

GOLD ($26,000-30,000)
This schooloffers a rigorous college-prep curriculum, with a top-notch athletic program. Our Choral Music and Theatre programs also have an excellent reputation. It should be noted that this Christian school has been rated as the #1 school of its size, either public or private, in the entire State of Oregon for nine of the last ten years!!! Our campus is open and safe and set in a beautiful site surrounded by forests and farmland; a very peaceful environment. Also, our students are extremely welcoming to the international student population  Canada Goose Jacket cheap sale !  We have a well-developed international student program and does offer ELL support to our international students. We currently have international students enrolled from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Germany, France, and Albania. We have a large group of graduating international seniors this year and we’re excited about the students who will come our way for next year!

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