Christian Life Center Academy 2
  • Located in Humble, Texas
  • 50 High school students
  • Grades 9-12
  • Accredited through ACSI
  • 12 AP classes
  • 90 classes offered
  • Average SAT 920
  • 90% of graduating students accepted to college
  • Fall and Spring admission
  • Homestays
  • ESL classes available locally
  • No minimum SLEP or TOEFL
  • Experienced teachers
  • Strong athletic program
  • 90% receive college scholarships

SILVER ($14,000-26,000)

This school is a college preparatory school for K5 through Post Graduate level. our catalog has more than 90 courses for our students. Some courses are only available online through partnerships with the industry’s leading online course developers. A Biblical worldview is integrated into each course, giving students a rich learning experience. Courses are filled with interaction and academic rigor. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligible courses are annotated with the letter ‘N.’ We are  home to some of the best, brightest and talented students, both from the US and abroad. Our students come from multiple countries and backgrounds, creating a rich and stimulating environment for young people to learn and develop both academically and socially.

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