The Howe School

The Howe School
  • Located in Howe, Indiana
  • 147 High school students
  • Accredited through State of Indiana
  • Average SAT:950
  • Average ACT: 23
  • 1:8 Teacher to student ratio
  • Honors courses available
  • 97% graduating students accepted to college
  • Advanced Placement courses offered
  • Grades 9-12 offered
  • Dorms available
  • Fall or Spring admission
  • ESL classes available
  • SLEP minimum:40; TOEFL minimum: 400
  • Established in 1884; over 100 beautiful acres of campus
  • The Howe School utilizes military style of discipline to incorporate leadership training
  • Maintains 126 year affiliation with the Episcopal Church
  • Partnership with Trinity University allows students to earn college credits while taking classes at Howe

PLATINUM ($31,000 and above)

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Howe School.  For more than 129 years, The Howe School has been a leader in educational leader in enhancing the Education, Maturation and Socialization (EMS) processes of our cadets. To accomplish this objective, we provide a military model that helps cadets achieve leadership skills that will benefit them throughout their life.  Our leadership development model integrates knowledge, character, education and application into the EMS processes of our cadets.  Our program strives to instill discipline and self-control to teach our cadets to control urges and resist temptations.  Cadets learn to think through the consequences of his/her own actions by taking ownership and responsibility.  All of this is superimposed on a sound educational platform that teaches cadets to make decisions based on logic, supported by research and presented in either written or oral communication.

The Howe School provides cadets with a multi-cultural venue, with cadets from all over the world, by teaching them to respect each other. At Howe, we are prepared to meet the challenges of the new millennium and educate a new generation of leaders.  We strive to be a model boarding school, offering the cadets the best education possible.

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