Valley Christian School

Valley CHristian School
    • Located in San Jose, California
    • 220 High school students
    • Accredited through NEASC and ACSI
    • Advanced Placement courses available
    • Average SAT score: 1070
    • 99% graduating students accepted to college
    • Grades 9-11 offered
    • Homestays available
    • Fall admission only
    • SLEP minimum score: 51; TOEFL minimum score: 55
    • Placement in top universities in the US
    • Advanced Arts program (music, art, photography, dance)
    • 32 Honors and AP classes plus Math-Science-Engineering Institute
    • SAT and ACT prep classes offered
    • Student lead TV and radio broadcast studio
    • Beautiful campus overlooking Silicon Valley
    • Highest level of academics and support

PLATINUM ($31,000 and above)

The mission of Valley Christian Schools is to provide a quality education, equipping students to become leaders to serve God, their families, and to positively impact their communities and the world. The school, founded on Christian values, partners with parents to provide an education that is built on the Judeo-Christian values of the Bible as shown in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. VCS owns and operates an Elementary, Junior High, and High School on 2 separate campuses; the Leigh Avenue (sometimes referred to as the “Trinity” campus) houses the elementary school, while the Junior High and High Schools are located on the Skyway campus overlooking a breathtaking panorama of the valley. Academic excellence at Valley Christian Schools finds its roots in the mainstream of Christian history.  VCS is nationally recognized as a premier school offering an outstanding elementary and college preparatory program in the humanities, sciences, and technology.  VCS offers kindergarten through eleventh grade placements for International students on three school campuses with a growing international student body.

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