Bodwell High School
  • Located in Van Couver, British Columbia
  • State of the art waterfront facilities
  • Specialized Academic and English Preparation (AEP) program
  • The House System encourages students to compete, collaborate, and contribute
  • Rich global diversity
  •  Advance Placement programs challenge student academically
  • Multilingual counselors available
  • Student dorms for 250 students
  • Grades 8-12
  • Homestay or Dorms available

GOLD ($26,000-30,000)

As global citizens, young people come to Bodwell from all over the
world. By living and studying together, students learn about the many
differences that make each society distinct. The young sojourners quickly encounter Bodwell’s firm belief: there is
“Strength in Diversity”. They discover such a principle not only from dedicated
teachers; they also learn it from one another. Through school life, students
realize that the more we can share and understand our unique perspectives, the
richer and stronger our lives become.

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