Cambrian International
  •  Located in San Jose, California
  • Fully accredited by WASC
  • Academic planning available
  • 70 High school students
  • 1:7 Teacher to student ratio
  • Homestays available
  • Multi-level ESL program offered
  • Numerous Honors and Advanced Placement courses available
  • Average SAT score over 1700
  • Stage band, Ensemble band, and choir offered
  • Golf, tennis, motorsports, outdoor clubs, music, drama offered

PLATINUM ($31,000 and above)

Are you one of the many who have been asking for a non-religious private high school in the Bay Area? Are you having trouble finding a college prep school that really does college prep? This Academy provides a college going culture, small class sizes, a variety of AP classes and more.

Our highly versatile faculty can accommodate Korean, French, Spanish, and Arabic languages. Our Broadband ESL program is focused on mainstreaming our international students within one year of admission. After mainstreaming, international students continue to receive support from our foreign language experts, delivering the best of both worlds in academic and cultural education–preparing 21st century students to successfully compete in a global economy.

Our Education Model ensures that all students participate and all students learn. Courses are taught around a table in groups of 2 – 10 students. Teachers are participants in classroom discussions, guiding students without always lecturing.

At our Academy, you will see an approach and methodology resembling a mix of Oxford University and Philips Exeter Academy. Most classes take place around the Harkness Table made famous by Philips Exeter. This arrangement requires the full engagement of all students and makes learning a more interactive experience.

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