Christian Faith School

Christian Faith School
  • Located in Federal Way, Washington
  • West Coast school
  • 144 High School students
  • 16-26 students per class
  • Honors and AP classes available
  • 100% graduation rate
  • Extremely safe environment
  • State and national certification
  • Accredited by ACSI, NAAS, ACTS
  • Average SAT 1104
  • 98% of graduating class enters college
  • Grades 9-12 available
  • No minimum SLEP or TOEFL score
  • ESL classes offered
  • Fine arts and athletic electives available
  • Ethnically diverse student body and faculty
  • On-line learning resources available

GOLD ($26,000-30,000)

CFS high school offers students a quality academic program with a Christian worldview. Most students follow the college prep plan and attend four-year universities following graduation. CFS offers Advanced Placement in English, social studies, calculus and biology.  Students begin the year with a spiritual advance get-away which provides the opportunity for team building.  Students also attend Bible classes, weekly chapels, and participate in ministry outreach to the community. In addition to monthly ministry outreaches, students also participate monthly in Professional Day, Mentor Teams, and Academic Tutoring & Support.  Daily help classes are available for students who need a little extra help.

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