Fredericksburg Christian School

Fredericksburg Christian Schools
  • Located in Fredericksburg, VA
  • 280 High school students
  • Accredited by ACSI
  • Average SAT score: 1053
  • 98% of all graduating students accepted to college
  • Advanced Placement courses offered
  • Grades 9-12
  • Homestays
  • Fall or Spring admission
  • ESL tutoring available
  • Excellent four year Arts, Drama, and Music programs
  • Located near state capital of Virginia (Richmond)
  • Individual attention given to international students
  • Excellent college placement record

GOLD ($26,000-30,000)

We at FCS are keenly aware of a significant dynamic at work in our culture today…and it comes clearly into focus when we view our world and culture through a truly Biblical perspective. That dynamic is the dire need we have for strong leaders with great skill, intelligence, integrity, and sensitivity. I can tell you today that for over three decades at FCS (our legacy of leadership began when Gary and Andra Foss, and started FCS in 1979) we have been producing those skilled, intelligent, honest, sensitive leaders. God has placed in our hands the tools of excellent college-preparatory academics; instructors and mentors who are both capable and dedicated; an environment from which to unashamedly and powerfully proclaim the Truth; facilities that enable us to offer outstanding educational, fine arts, and athletic opportunities; and a strong commitment to growing world-class, culture-changing leaders.

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