International Christian School, Uijongbu

Uijongbu Christian school
  • Located in Uijongbu, South Korea
  • Grades K-12 offered
  • Fully accredited by ACSI, WASC, Korean Dept. of Education
  • Advanced Placement courses available
  • ESL classes offered

The mission statement of ICS-Uijongbu is to provide an education that enables the student to be a productive, responsible citizen with a positive worldview. Education being the pursuit of truth is taught in the context that Jesus Christ is the absolute truth. ICS-Uijongbu has a reputation
of having a close knit family atmosphere. God has had HIS hand on this the first of all the NICS schools and our prayer is that HIS hand of blessing never be withdrawn. Many different passport countries are represented at ICS-Uijongbu, but if you were to tour our school you may not identify most of them. The greatest ethnic group would be Korean, but the Koreans at ICS-Uijongbu hold passports from different countries. We use a variety of different curricula at ICS-Uijongbu. There is a 5 year cycle that encompasses every subject taught. Several subjects each year are reviewed by the department and recommendations are made that fit into our curriculum and goals. In some instances secular books are chosen because of content or they present our goals more clearly then a Christian publisher. In these cases the teacher knows that they will need to be more direct in the integration of the Bible into their lessons. The steering committee reviews the recommendations and the director approves the
recommendations for implementation the following school year. In most cases, the curriculum used in the science courses comes from a Christian publisher.

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